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Like John W. Gardner, we believe that when the assets of our young people are under-valued and under-tapped, it comes at a tremendous cost to society. Working with youth as full partners in change efforts recognizes youth as the leaders of today, prepares them as leaders of tomorrow, and enriches our communities along the way.


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The John W. Gardner Center partners with communities to develop leadership, conduct research, and effect change to improve the lives of youth.

This series builds on lessons learned over the three-year CRIS initiative and offers guidance to schools and districts that aim to develop and enact effective college readiness indicator systems.


DATE: Friday, October 24  

LOCATION: PACE Seminar, Sacramento



We are proud to announce the release of Inequality Matters, a report by our Faculty Director Prudence Carter and Professor Sean Reardon. Produced in collaboration with the William T. Grant Foundation and the Ford Foundation, the report reviews more than 40 years of research on inequality. The authors identify 4 gaps in the research to date and urge scholars to focus more on the consequences of inequality and strategies to reduce it.


A new Gardner Center literature review, undertaken with support from the College Access Foundation of California, addresses a puzzling phenomenon. Wide gaps in college enrollment and persistence remain for many Black and Latino boys who reach the end of high school academically prepared for post-secondary education. Our review moves beyond issues of academic preparation to other factors that appear to mediate college access and success for boys and young men of color.


Researchers Monika Sanchez & Laurel Sipes on our collaboration with the Mission Promise Neighborhood Initiative.

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