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Along with the push to expand access to high-quality preschool, there is a growing national trend promoting alignment across the preschool and early elementary grades to ensure a continuous and coherent set of learning experiences. In our work at the Gardner Center, we have seen efforts first-hand to enhance the quality of education in the early years and support instructional alignment between preschool and elementary school.


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The John W. Gardner Center partners with communities to develop leadership, conduct research, and effect change to improve the lives of youth.

Edited by founding director Milbrey McLaughlin, this book is a guide for educators, civic leaders, and researchers looking to leverage data to identify effective policies, interventions, and resources for their communities.


DATE: June 2 through August 28 

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In low-income elementary schools across the country, Playworks provides opportunities for inclusive play during recess. Prior research has found that in addition to increasing physical activity, the program can also improve school climate, for instance by increasing safety and reducing incidence of bullying. A new study from the Gardner Center investigates the relationship between Playworks participation and student attendance.


The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has tapped the Gardner Center’s founding director, Milbrey McLaughlin, for membership in the honorary learned society. Milbrey, an expert in education policy, school-community collaborations, and youth outcomes, joins some of the world’s most accomplished leaders in academia, arts, public affairs, science, and humanities. This honor comes just a week after Milbrey received a Lifetime Achievement award from the American Educational Research Association.


Faculty Director Prudence Carter gives a talk about empathy and equity at TEDxStanford 2014.

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