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Although the rhetoric of “data-based decision making” has been de rigeur for many years, the Gardner Center team has found that interest in and commitment to data use is not typically reflected in youth-serving organizations’ practices . . . and we think we know why.


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The John W. Gardner Center partners with communities to develop leadership, conduct research, and effect change to improve the lives of youth.

Edited by founding director Milbrey McLaughlin, this book is a guide for educators, civic leaders, and researchers looking to leverage data to identify effective policies, interventions, and resources for their communities.


DATE: February 25, 2016 

LOCATION: CERAS Learning Hall, Stanford University



Following a violent incident against a young female student in Spring Valley, South Carolina, Faculty Director Prudence Carter put out a call to make research more widely known to educators, parents, students, activists, and others as they continue to eradicate disparate treatment in discipline, suspensions, and expulsions. This annotated reading list on authority and the marginalization of youth in schools is the result of the collective effort of many researchers and social scientists around the nation.


To be college- and career-ready, all young people must have access to deeper learning opportunities that will prepare them to think critically, work collaboratively, and apply classroom learning to real-world contexts. A new brief examines how California district leaders have collaborated with each other, the Gardner Center, Transforming Education, and other partners to design a school accountability system that ensures equitable access to deeper learning opportunities by focusing on a process of district-led, continuous organizational learning and improvement.

Associate Director Jorge Ruiz De Velasco and others introduce the School Quality Improvement Index.

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